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Chairman's Message

On this occasion, I like to recall the days we managed to initiate a humble start of our beloved institution back in the year 1998 and like to pay my gratitude to all Parents and supporters for all its success. Over the years, we had been striving to provide an enriched and diverse learning environment for our students with the best infrastructure. At Thaai, we have always taken the extra leap to provide the best learning environment by improving ourselves with the state of the art technologies across the whole spectrum of education that we had been offering for the last 2 decades.  Our major thanks to our teachers who are passionate, experienced and eager to pass on their knowledge to their students as well support staffs

Education is the basis of all progress. At THAAI, we strongly believe in bringing the best in the market, be it the highly qualified staffs that we could attract or the world-class infrastructure we have built and enduring to expand on. We strongly believe and are committed to providing such a high-quality education at an affordable cost to the rural households and the society that we cater to.

There is no better way to pay back to the people than providing the best education to develop an educated society for the future. We are always thinking aloud about this. While we have improved our offerings in the past few years especially NEET IIT-JEE coaching, Arts & Science College for Women etc, I like to reassure you all that we are always looking closely at our society and its requirements. Rest assured, we will keep growing and solicit your continued support in achieving such future challenges.

Once again I thank everyone for their continued support and well wishes.

 S. V. Gandhi B.Com, M Ped NIS

Chairman, Thaai Group of Institutions

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